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Radar Detectors

Custom Radio has the best in Stealth Undetectable Radar Detectors and Laser Defusers from Bel, Escort/Passport, K40, Whistler and Cobra radar / laser systems.  We can offer you protection from speed traps while keeping your radar unit undetectable to authorities.  Just one speeding ticket can result in heavy fines, a marked license and an increase in your car insurance for years. Get protected today!

    $499.99 ESCORT IX
    Leveraging ESCORT's powerful suite of radar technologies, the ESCORT iX features built-in Bluetooth connectivity to the award-winning ESCORT Live app, providing real-time speed limit data, speed trap and camera locations...

  • ESCORT MAX 360
    $649.99 ESCORT MAX 360
      POWER. PRECISION. 360° PROTECTION. UNMATCHED PRECISION WITH DIRECTIONAL ARROWS Arrows indicate the direction of the radar source for 360° protection Dual antenna front + rear...

  • ESCORT MAX Ci 360
    ESCORT MAX Ci 360
    The ESCORT MAX Ci 360 is the best, most advanced detection system for the ultimate in driver alert and ticket protection on the planet. Designed to be seamlessly integrated into the vehicle, it features front...

  • Escort Passport IQ
    Escort Passport IQ
    Passport IQ By EscortRaise your driving intelligence with the all-new PASSPORT iQ™The world's first and only automobile accessory that integrates: state-of-the-art radar/laser detection, speed camera and speed limit...

    RedLine EX's twin antenna design provides extreme radar performance. Exclusive TotalShield technology delivers true stealth operation for 100% undetectability. GPS intelligence with AutoLearn, patented anti-falsing...

    $299.99 ESCORT SOLO S4
      CORDLESS FREEDOM No other detector matches the portable convenience and protection of the SOLO S4. It's easy to own and operate. No more cords - just place it on the windshield or...

  • ESCORT X80
    $299.99 ESCORT X80
      NEW MULTI-COLOR DISPLAY The new multi-color OLED display is stunning. Brilliant new graphics illuminate intuitive icons that identify the type of threat at a glance. In addition,...

  • REAL-TIME TICKET PROTECTION - Compatible with Select ESCORT and Beltronics Radar Detectors
    SmartCord Live
    Escort Live - Social Networking for the Road REAL-TIME TICKET PROTECTION Compatible with Select ESCORT and Beltronics Radar Detectors. The SmartCord Live is a revolutionary cord that provides easy access, via Bluetooth, to...

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