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Keep your eyes on road and your hands on the wheel.  No earpiece, just crystal clear talk from a small visor mount Bluetooth Speaker from just $59 installed in your car.  We have Bluetooth for every in-vehicle application.  We even have Mototola units that convert text to voice and voice to text without ever touching the keypad!  We can even interface with most factory in-dash radios for Bluetooth through you car speakers.

banner-con-verse.pngGood driving requires two hands! Rostra Precision Controls is proud to introduce an innovative product that is going to change the way you use your cellular phone while driving. The Con-Verse Automotive Bluetooth® Handsfree System by Rostra allows you to keep both hands on the wheel while driving, keeping you alert and aware of your surroundings, ready to react without any distractions.
Rostra offers the Bluetooth® system in both a customized and universal fashion. Customized Bluetooth® kits include factory look-alike switches designed to fit directly into the knock-out plugs currently on your vehicle's dashboard. They allow you to retain your automobile's factory finish, all while adding the benefits of a handsfree, voice-activated calling system. Customized kits also include wiring harnesses designed to tie directly into the wiring already on the vehicle.

Option 1. $99.99 Installed.

Clip on visors. Similar to talking on a speaker phone.

Option 2. From $249.99 Installed.

In dash radio with built in bluetooth. Very clean sound quality.

Option 3. From $279.99 Installed.

Factory built in style. Integrates directly through your factory radio. Equipped with an answer/call button.

  • The module of the Bluetooth ® Hands-free system functions as the "brain" of the entire kit, responsible for diverting the audio from your conversation to your car speakers.
    Rostra Bluetooth Module
    The Con-Verse by Rostra Bluetooth System Do you live in a state such as New York, California, Maryland or New Jersey where using a handheld cellular device is banned while driving? Are you the parent of a teenage driver...

  • Motorola Roadster
    Motorola Roadster
    Motorola 89423N ROADSTER™ BLUETOOTH® IN-CAR SPEAKERPHONEEnjoy the clearest calls from your car with the Roadster Bluetooth® in-car speakerphone. The dual-microphone noise cancellation blocks background noise...